Winners 2010/2011

The People's Book Prize - and the winners for 2010/11 are...

The second Award Ceremony of the People's Book prize took place at the elegant Stationers Hall on Wednesday 20th July in the presence of their patron Frederick Forsyth CBE.  Authors, publishers, presenters and members of the press including Talent Television and Octopus MT attended the glittering evening.

The People's Book annual prize was awarded to the top authors of Non-Fiction, Fiction and Children and the Beryl Bainbridge Award for First Time Author, to honour the memory of the founding patron.

This year The People's Book Prize has introduced a new award for special achievement.

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Peoples Book Prize Winner - Making Shore  Sara Allerton - Peoples Book Prize winner  Making Shore by Sara Allerton (Saraband)
Peoples Book Prize Erradicating Ecocide  Polly Higgins  Non-fiction - Eradicating Ecocide by Polly Higgins (Shepheard-Walwyn Ltd)
When I Dream of ABC  Henry Fisher  -  Peoples Book Prize Winner Children - When I Dream of ABC by Mr Henry Fisher (Top That Publishing)
TPBP Beryl Bainbridge Award for a First Time Author
Alex McLean Time Traveller Morag Ramsay BB Award - Alex McLean Time Traveller by Morag Ramsay (Seven Arches Publishing)
TPBP Best Achievement Prize
Peoples Book Prize - Yes We Can Read Libby coleman
Nick ainley
Yes We Can Read by Libby Coleman and Nick Ainley (Gatehouse Media Ltd)
Fiction -  Making Shore by Sara Allerton (Saraband)

Synopsis: Torpedoed by a German U-boat, adrift on the open ocean, gravely weakened and slowly dying of thirst - the odds of making shore are lengthening with each gruelling hour. Deliverance from purgatory on a decaying lifeboat will take something far more remarkable than sheer endurance... Inspired by a true incident in World War II, this novel is a searing tale of fear and survival, friendship and love.

Author's Biography: Sara Allerton lives in Suffolk with her husband and three children. This is her first novel

 Non-fiction -  Eradicating Ecocide by Polly Higgins (Shepheard-Walwyn Ltd)

Synopsis: Because damage to our environment in pursuit of profit is now so threatening to the ecosystem on which all life depends, the author is campaigning for a paradigm shift, embodied in international law, from ownership to trusteeship of the earth's resources, enforced by creating a 5th Crime Against Peace, Ecocide

Author's Biography: Polly Higgins is a barrister and international environmental lawyer, voted one of the 'World's Top 10 Visionary Thinkers' by The Ecologist and nominated as 'the Lawyer for Planet Earth' for 2010 Performance Awards

Children's - When I dream of ABC by Mr Henry Fisher (Top That Publishing)

Synopsis: Enter the dreamy world of ABC in this soothing bedtime book. A humorous exploration of the many strange and extraordinary characters that inhabit a fantastical dreamworld, encouraging children to learn their ABC. From shy dragons to opera- singing mermaids, learning the alphabet has never been so fascinating. 

Author's Biography: Author and illustrator Henry Fisher studied illustration at the Camberwell College of Arts, London. He has a one-year-old son, who is featured on the cover of his first published book, When I Dream of ABC. A video game addict, he also has extensive experience in the film and television industry.

The Beryl Bainbridge Award for a First Time Author -

Synopsis: A Keen climber, Alex dreams of scaling the Rock on which Edinburgh Castle stands. Is it this dream that makes him accept the challenge to travel back in time to the night of silent killing in 1314: a band of Scots rebels scaled the Rock and overcame the sleeping English soldiers.

Author's Biography: As well as having a distinguished career in education, Morag Ramsey was, for many years, director of Chelmsford Theatre Workshop, receiving a prestigious Civic Award for services to the Arts. She went on to run the 'Save the Brighton Bandstand' campaign, drawing on her skills as a producer of shows.

TPBP Special Prize  - Yes we Can Read by Libby Coleman and Nick Ainley (Gatehouse Media Ltd)

Synopsis: A new one-to-one reading scheme for learners aged from 8 to 80. Yes we can read is a fun phonics-based programme to develop reading for meaning. Anyone who can read fluently can teach a non-reader or poor reader to read in six months or less.

Author's Biography: Libby Coleman is a retired head teacher. She worked with people with severe learning disabilities and has lectured in special needs. She works as a volunteer teaching reading in prisons and areas of social deprivation. Nick Ainley has spent most of his career working with adults with severe learning disabilities.

All 36 finalists are listed here 

Winners for Spring 2011 (March, April, May)

Bottle of Life by Truth Thomas published by Flipped Eye Publishing
The Somnambulist by Essie Fox published by Orion Books
Play with Strangers by Annie Hardacre published by Snowflake Books Ltd
Non Fiction:
Eradicating Ecocide by Polly Higgins published by Shepheard-Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd
Still 25 Inside by Lindsey Agness published by Rodale
Breast Beating by Professor Michael Baum published by Ansham Ltd
Gruffs Guide to Fairy Tale Land by Amy Sparkes published by Meadowside Children's Books
Young Scamper and The Sly Fox by Martin D TAlbot published by Martal Publications of Ipswich
0.4 by Mike Lancaster published by Egmont Press

Winners for Winter 2010 (December, January, February)

Cold Enough to Freeze Cows by Lorraine Jenkin published by Honno Press
The Woman Before Me by Ruth Dugdall published by Legend Press
Lost Books by Adrienne J. Odasso published by Flipped Eye Publishers

Non Fiction:
Dear Su Yen by Su Yen Hu and Roy Preece published by Snowflake Books Ltd
5P1R1T R3V3L4T1ON5 by Nigel Peace published by Local Legend Publishing
The Lie of the Land by Ian Vince published by Boxtree  (an imprint of Pan Macmillan)
When I Dream of ABC by Mr Henry Fisher published by Top That! Publishing
Alex McLean Time Traveller by Morag Ramsey published by Seven Arches Publishing
WINTERCRAFT by Jenna Burtenshaw published by Headline Publishing Group

Winners for Autumn 2010 (September, October, November)
Its Just the Beating of My Heart by Richard Aronowitz published by Flambard Press Ltd
Maxwell's Silver Hammer by Andy Rivers published by
Byker Books
War On The Margins by Libby Cone published by Duckworth Publishers

Non Fiction:
Yes We Can Read
by Libby Coleman and Nick Ainley published by Gatehouse Media Ltd
Predator Culture by Fred Harrison published by Shepheard-Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd
The Inheritance of  Genius by John Aplin published by The Lutterworth Press

Ralph is (not) a vampire by Corinne V Davies  published by
RAL Publications

Just Because by Rebecca Elliot published by Lion Children's books
The Boy Giant by Allan Plenderleith published by Ravette Publishing

Winners for Summer 2010 (June, July, August)
Making Shore by Sara Allerton published by Saraband
Thin Blue Smoke by Doug Worgul published by
Macmillan New Writing
Chewing the Scenery by Davina Elliott published by Puck Books

Non Fiction:
High Heels and a Head Torch
by Chelsea Duke  published by Pan Books
Two Great Danes by Angela Mitchell published by Parapress
That's another Story by Julie Walters published by Weidenfeld And Nicholson

Young Scamper and the Conker Soup by Martin D Talbot
 published by Martal Publications
The Sleepy Ladybird by Henri Renard and Caroline Bailey published by Picnic Publishing
Errol and His Extraordinary Nose by David Conway published by Gullane Children's Books

Last year's winner - 2009/2010

The only democratic book prize voted for exclusively by the public and so it is the public who  have a direct say in choosing Britain's next bestsellers. 

Founded in 2009, The People's Book Prize's goals are to get the nation reading, give authors and publishers equal opportunity in the marketplace,  raise the profile of libraries and discover new talent.  

Working in partnership with Talent TV and OctopusMT TPBP are poised to fulfil their Founding Patron Dame Beryl Bainbridge's wish for The People's Book Prize to become the greatest.  

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