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Fritha’s Summer
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Fritha’s Summer

Subtitle ::: Winner July 2009 :::
By Susan Morris
Published by MPress Books Ltd.
ISBN 978-0-9551886-6-4
Category 9-12 yrs
July 2009


Fritha’s Summer tells the story of how an eleven-year-old girl, Fritha, and her two brothers are brought to Cornwall by their hippy mother.  They find themselves living in an isolated caravan with no electricity or water.  The children meet a strange boy from a distant country and find themselves in danger when through him they discover the truth about what is hidden underground near their caravan.

£ 6.99

Author's Biography

Susan Morris read English at Oxford University. In her career as a teacher she has taught English and Creative Writing in schools and Colleges of Further Education. She has had short stories and articles published in national magazines. She has two daughters and lives in Cornwall beside the sea.


Chosen by Top Summer Reads for Kids – The Sun

Dear Mrs. Morris,

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and thought that the storyline was gripping.  Every night I would look forward to reading it.

In every chapter there was some kind of twist or complication, which made it more interesting.

I like writing too, and one day I would like to write a book as excellent and gripping as that.  I hope that soon enough, Fritha’s Summer will be at the top of every bookshelf!

Best wishes for the future,

Meg Russon (10)

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Reader Comments

this book was very good and exciting - i wish there would be another installment to find out how fritha is getting on in her cottage. lucky her.
An excellent read!
My wife Jean read this book and it is super, she loved it. She says that children, and other adults, will love it. It was exciting and beatitfully written, and a strong story and enough excitement to keep children enagaged. A brilliant book for children, and adults.
Excellent portrayal of authentic experience and attendant emotion,from age 3 to adult, made readily accessible to young readers without being remotely patronising. A refreshingly authentic glimpse of traditional, rural Cornwall, too!
A great read for adults and children. Thanks
An absorbing book to read on a wet afternoon in Cornwall.
Hard to put down!
Very enjoyable book that is suited for anyone from 8 to 108 years of age.
Fritha's Summer a novel of real life and hardships, each day is an adventure for Fritha and Tol, set in a sleepy Cornish village with characters we can all relate to. Adults and children alike will find Susan Morris is a author you can't wait to get back to.
Fritha's Summer is as fresh and enjoyable as a summer picnic, but with serious undertones which will be familiar to child and adult readers alike. I didn't want to put it down from first to last page. Look behind you Jaqueline Wilson!
Wow...I can't wait for a sequal! This is a fantastic book and a bit different to my usual reads. I hope it gets lots of votes because thats what it deserves!! Well Done, once again, to Sue Morris. Meg xxx
A delight - waiting for the next book
great book!!!!
This is an absolutely stunning book, perfect for youg people and mercifully free of anything Harry Potter derivitive. It convincingly explores the inner life of children with its worries and triumphs, with great freshness and none of the adult knowingness that haunts children's books.
Fantastic, I hope it gets the recognition it deserves!
Beautifully written~a writer to watch~and deserves to be in the ranks of childhood adventures such as Swallows & Amazons.
Forget the children, I read it as a 50 year old and loved it !
My 12 year old granddaughter loved this book and I would highly recommend it for children of this difficult to please 'in between' age.
I gave this book to my 10 year old nephew, and he loved it.
Deserves to become a real children's classic
A fantastic story and so well-written. Sensitive, real and very exciting, enjoyable for adults as well as children.
We live in Cornwall so my oldest daughters (13 & 11) really loved and related to this book, and it will be staying on our bookshelf until my younger two daughters (4 & 2) are old enough to enjoy it also :-)
Combines a family story and a good adventure, girls and boys both seem to enjoy it. My grandson thinks it's great.
A wonderful read for 8 - 14 year olds and all those who want to keep in touch with the very special richness of those years. Excellent descriptive narrative blended with bubbling page turning excitement. This gets a 5 star rating for my grand children and for all those who want to inspire the youngster within them.
An excellent read - not just for children!
I really enjoyed reading fritha's summer, it has definately earned its place as one of my favourite books! I really hope you are planning on writing another book as gripping as that.
Great fun for adults and my children
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