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Danny Higgins Time Traveller
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Danny Higgins Time Traveller

By Jane Schaffer
ISBN 97809556169-38
Category 8-12 yrs
July 2009


Eleven-year-old Danny finds history boring – both his mum and dad are historians, but when he meets a boy from the future who tells him he has been chosen to travel back in time; Danny gets a whole new perspective on the past.

Price £5.99 Paperback

Author's Biography

Jane Schaffer spent much of her working life as a teacher, but then she decided that she was going to start up a publishing business.  She is the managing Editor of Seven Arches publishing and of the six titles out by the end of July this year, she has written two.

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Reader Comments

I loved the book a really good story
My 14 kids all loved this book.They stopped short of fighting over it.Now we are looking forward to an educational day out at Bramhall hall.I shall be waiting for any other books like this in this series.10 out of10.
My nephew loved this story as did I.
A really good story well enjoyed by my grandchildren
I liked it and my grand daughter did to.
Much "nicer" than Horrid Histories! I shall get it for all my younger friends.
When your grandchildren won't let you stop reading a book to them, it must be a good sign.
Very clever book, my grandchildren were drawn in and can't wait to read the next one.
oh my gosh i love this book so much
i really enjoyed this book and i am not joking!
awe wow i love this book loads! - pelly
super. cool 2 read. primary school kids will love it. :-)
Excellent read. My son and daughter loved this book! It contained some great elements that helped to maintain their interest! David Hopkins
A excellent way of getting children to experience the past by splicing then and now together so neatly
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