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Friend of Castlereagh
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Friend of Castlereagh

Subtitle An Historical Novel
By John A. Stewart
ISBN 9780856832956
Autumn 2013


The rebellion in 1798 of the United Irishmen, fired by France’s revolution and its gospel of equality, was harshly crushed by a fearful and often inept ruling power. The forces for change and, equally, the forces of reaction, were clothed with passion and in their wake the people suffered terribly.

Author's Biography

John Alexander Stewart, born in Northern Ireland, is the author of two biographies and three historical novels, The Centurion, translated into German, Italian and Spanish, The Last Romans, placed in the time of Justinian and Boethius, and Marsilio, centred on the early life of the Florentine philosopher-priest, Marsilio Ficino.


Price: £17.95

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Reader Comments

I have greatly enjoyed reading this book. I rarely read novels, and I was surprised how this held my attention. Being a foreigner and a blow-in, my understanding of Irish and English history is quite basic, and it was particularly enjoyable to get a sense of the nuances of political views and the moods and actions of the people at the time prior to the Union from a County Down man himself.
very nice blend of history & fiction
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