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Harold Finds A Voice
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Harold Finds A Voice

By Courtney Dicmas
ISBN 9781846435492
Autumn 2013


Harold is an amazing mimic, and can imitate the sound of everything in his home. Tired of repeating the same old noises, he yearns to find out what other voices there are in the big, wide world. But what happens when he suddenly realises that he doesn’t yet have a voice of his own? 

This fantastic debut by author/illustrator Courtney Dicmas recounts Harold’s hilarious tale. It’s full of colour, humour and invention, and children will love to join in with Harold as he mimics everyday noises.

Author's Biography

Courtney Dicmas has flapped around the world for the past five years living in Brazil, South Korea, Thailand, Costa Rica and Iraqi Kurdistan, and has most recently perched in Cambridge, England to complete her MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University.

She does her best work at an old wooden desk named Henry, and is incredibly grateful to her family and friends for putting up with her parrot impressions.


Dicmas gives Harold plenty of spotlight-hogging star power... 
painted in smudges of green, blue, yellow, and scarlet... airy visuals keep the story and its message buoyant - Publishers Weekly

Price: £5.99

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Reader Comments

I Love It! I am looking forward to more from this author. Thanks Courtney!
Cute book!
Darling illustrations! Harold is a great inspiration to us all!
Harold is a joy, and I'm looking forward to her next book already!
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