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Felicity Fly in the Garden
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Felicity Fly in the Garden

By Christina Gabbitas
ISBN 9780957255227
Autumn 2013


Felicity Fly in the Garden is the third rhyming story in the Felicity Fly children's book series.

The story addresses pollination with some lovely new characters, including a Bumblebee, Butterfly, Ladybird, Dragonfly and Beetle.

A great fun way for children to learn. All characters are beautifully illustrated.

Author's Biography

Christina started writing when she learned that her son had dyslexia and was able to learn easier through rhyme. Through research, it was evident that children in their early years learn better with rhyme.

Christina wanted to encourage parents to read with children from an early age. The book is supplied with a narrated CD, to help children read along.


Price: £7.99

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Reader Comments

A great book - my nephews and nieces loved it!
Super childrens book.
Great fun way to describe pollination for young children
It's great to read the book and listen to the characters with such different accents. My niece and nephew really like Baahir the Indian butterfly.
Read this book in my drama classes and my students love the story and most of all the pictures thanks girls!!!!
lovely story, which gently introduces passing away.
Loved the previous Felicity Fly books but this one is the best yet. Love the fact that it's set in the garden and the introduction of the new 'minibeast' characters. Beautifully illustrated with vivid colours and addresses lots of issues important to young children in a fun way. Looking forward to adding more books to our Felicity Fly library soon. Keep up your fantastic work Christina.
My son found this book very funny and entertaining
Good Luck
We were impressed at the description of pollination, which is described in a child friendly way. Our daughter's favourite character is Dakota Dragonfly
Great book, we like this a lot.
Met Christina today at our local WH Smith. My daughter is 7 and had already read the book 3 times!! Great way for children to learn too, and the audio version is fun too.
It's nice to see a book which goes beyond the simple telling of a story and addresses life issues for young children in an appropriate and fun way.
A great concept and story. I often find myself in a tizzy.
My child loves this story book, especially with the narrated CD.
Another great story. I like how the characters are brought to life with the audio, which helps to keep my niece interested in reading.Good luck Christina
My daughter absolutely adores Bernice the Bumblebee
We are loving these Felicity Fly books and she is part of our household.
We were looking forward to more Felicity Fly books. We are impressed at the way our grandchildren are switched on to reading with the help of the entertaining narrator.
Lots of fun and interesting to read
A sing-song lyrical book conveying an important message about pollination in a fun way, with a brilliant cast of insect characters (our favourite is Dakota Dragonfly). A genuine pleasure to read aloud!
This book was given to my sis by the author she cant put it down! Aizah loves it
I was impressed with the last book and couldn't resist this one. A clever fun way to bring the topic of pollination to young children. I loved the Indian Butterlfy and American Bumblebee. Well done Christina.
We were so pleased to meet Christina in Manchester at her launch,who personally signed the book for us. It's a wonderful gift for my daughter , who loves rhyming books and the added CD read along is a brilliant idea.
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