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By John Stewart
ISBN 978-0856832536
Category Science Fiction
July 2009


Set in contemporary Britain, visitors from another planet are arrested as illegal immigrants but when they reveal they have visited our planet before and learnt from our Master Teachers, they are treated with respect. Questioned about their own planet, they describe a high-tech society with simple lifestyle without poverty.

Author's Biography

Born in Northern Ireland, he moved to London. His first historical novel, The Centurion, (1995), has been translated into German, Italian and Spanish. Two more followed, The Last Romans (2000) and Marsilio (2005). He has also written two biographies, Standing for Justice (2001) and A Promise Kept (2003).

Price £9.95 Paperback


‘It is difficult to know where to look for comparisons: Graham Greene, for its exquisite prose, or [Arthur C. Clarke], for its deftly imagined other-world politics’ Guardian Online.

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Reader Comments

As one looks at events in the world today this could be a guiding light.
The message that this book conveys is the message that needs to be acknowledged and understood by our so-called leaders. For if it is not acknowledged and acted upon, all change for the better is illusory.
This book reveals the magic of simplicity and how it can be applied in solving global problems.
This book manages to make you want to get to the end as fast as possible yet hang on to reread the ideas and stay in the peaceful atmosphere. How does the author get a story gripping as well as serene ? So wonderful to read fiction which is well written, and full of interesting and refreshing ideas. Can we put some of them into practice? Notswa Anerev
A novel with a real message for today's politicians.
Great mix of practical reality and sci-fi vision.
A stunningly original concept for all to consider, not least our politicians. A book you cannot put down!.
an excellent intelligent piece of fiction with a message at its heart.
A fantastic book - skillfully and convincingly written.
This is an original and daring story containing profound truths about natural law which, if followed in practice, would provide just solutions to many of the world's apparently insoluble economic problems.
A gripping read. I couldn't put it down!
We could learn a lot from this book especially about the cause of poverty and how this might be corrected. R
A delightful, modern, yet timeless yarn which brings the reader face to face with a great universal natural law. A law that if mankind understood and followed it, I believe would bring happiness and prosperity to all.
A really excellent read! Michael Hawes
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