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Tales from the Festival Hall

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Tales from the Festival Hall

By Nick Yapp
Published by InXmedia Limited
ISBN 978-1906192266
Category General
July 2009


Tales from the Festival Hall is a collection of stories set in and around the RFH on London's South Bank. Against a background of live music, six characters tell their tales of suspicion and jealousy, broken dreams and flawed animation, pride and fall, love and death.

Price £7.99 Paperback

Author's Biography

Nick Yapp was a teacher for 27 years before switching to writing. He has written documentaries and light entertainment for radio and television, over 400 books, travel pieces for the New York Times, and 80 short stories.

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Reader Comments

From a dynasty of great authors - the fact that this is such a good read is no surprise
one will never view the Festival hall in quite the same way...intriguing and amusing peep into the trials and tribulations behind the scenes.
A great book by a great author.
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