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The Sins of the Father
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The Sins of the Father

By Catherine Hanley
Published by Quaestor2000
ISBN 978-1906836115
Category Mystery Crime
July 2009


Edwin Weaver has led an uneventful life. All that changes when his father, a bailiff at Conisbrough Castle, falls ill. A visiting lord seeking evidence of treachery is murdered, and Edwin is given the arduous task of finding the culprit.

Price £9.99 Paperback

Author's Biography

Catherine Hanley holds a PhD in Mediaeval Studies and is the author of War and Combat, as well as numerous learned articles. She has also written extensively on cricket – a rather different manifestation of warfare! This is her first novel.

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Reader Comments

A gripping prologue sets the scene for this thoroughly researched tale of medieval intrigue.
A fascinating and vividly depicted tale with an entirely apt title.
A fantastic read, where the descriptions bring it to life and draw you into the story. Difficult to put down!
An excellent read, very gripping.
An excellent evocation of the era, with convincing characters 'of the time' so that unlike many historical books, they didn't behave like modern people in funny clothes.
A brilliant plot, well drawn characters, and a convincing backdrop.
An excellent read with strong characters and an intriguing plot. Well worth a go.
Great suspense and lots of red herrings I really enjoyed this book
A really good read -- I look forward to checking out the cricket writing next!
A fantastic book, great characters and historical background. Nice to see a novel set in this period.
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