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Benjamin and the Super Spectacles
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Benjamin and the Super Spectacles

By Rachel Bright
ISBN 9780007445509
Category picture book/humour/ages 3+/illustrations on every page
Summer 2013


Benjamin’s favourite things are: 1.Bouncing 2.Bouncing higher… Benjamin is full of beans. He just never stops bouncing. But this story is about the time when his bounce got him a some very big bumps on the head…

Author's Biography

Rachel is a writer of words, drawer of pictures and thinker of happy thoughts. With a cacophony of quirky characters tumbling tirelessly from her imagination, and creating a growing portfolio of beautifully imagined children’s stories, Rachel brings her own unique sunshine to the very young and the slightly older alike


The second fantastic tale from the Wonderful World of Walter and Winnie - an enchanting new picture book series from Rachel Bright'.- The Guardian Bookshop £6.99

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Reader Comments

I love Rachel Bright's books and so do my kids!
My daughter adores this book, she never tires of reading it to herself and her brother.
A charming book - high recommended.
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