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Heritage of Secrets
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Heritage of Secrets

Subtitle ::: Winner of July 2009 ::::
By Aoife Mannix
ISBN 978-1-905233-24-3
Category Romance Drama
July 2009


Heritage of Secrets has echoes of Thomas Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd in more than just the name of the American sailor, Troy and spans the days of ‘The Troubles’ to the present, a time when marijuana has begun to filter into the bathrooms of convent schools in Ireland and issues of sexuality have come to the fore.

£ 6.99   Paperback

Author's Biography

Aoife Mannix was born in Stockholm of Irish parents, grew up in Dublin, Ottawa and New
York. A former editor for the BBC’s Holby City, she has written drama documentaries for Radio 4 and her short stories appear in Tell Tales Vol. 3, Small Voices, Big Confessions and Westside Stories.

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Reader Comments

Thoroughly enjoyed it
Very good
I'm waiting eagerly for a follow-up.Hard to believe Heritage of Secrets is a debut novel.
Great read!!!
having read aoife mannix's last book TURN THE CLOCKS UPSIDE DOWN i was looking forward to HERITAGE OF SECRETS and I was not disappointed.A great read.
loved "Heritage of Secrets" and have passed it to my friend
Loved it
amazing book, it made my long train journey fly by
This book is AB FAB!!
Brilliant book.
Lets home there is more to come from this author, riveting story.
I really enjoyed this book I have to say, it has been some time since I have found a book I literally could not put down!
Fantastic read, would highly recommend!
Great book!!
Stirring writing. May she win.
Heritage of Secrets is an excellent read, with hints of Iain Banks Crow Road.
loved this book
Should be the winner hands down!
enjoyed the book
fantastic read!
Wonderful and inspired, looking forward to the next one....!
Great book, I stayed up to 4am most nights because I couldn't put it down! Roll on the next book!!
I've read the book and found the story as dark as intriguing. A deep psychological insight into the neurosis that love can be and the consequences of the selfishness it may project. Can't wait for the film!
Aoife for president
Aoife, I'll keep my fingers crossed!
I loved this book. Because of the suspense I did not go to sleep until the early hours of the morning.
Loved this book, couldn't put it down. Can't wait for your next novel!
I love this book. I hope more people read it. I will read it again many times, it's that kind of book that you want to revisit like your favourite films.
Wonderful work by Mannix--inspired and honest. --Truth Thomas
An amazing story. An incredible book by an incredible writer.
I love this story about growing up in Ireland in the 70s and the 90s - a gripping story and a real page turner
Loved the book Aoife!
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