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Felicity Fly meets Veronica Vac
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Felicity Fly meets Veronica Vac

By Christina Gabbitas
ISBN 9780957255210
Category Poetry
Summer 2013


Felicity Fly meets Veronica Vac, introduces the word Nocturnal. This story addresses the importance of team work and friendship. The narrated CD also includes a new Felicity Fly theme rhyming, sing along song. All stories in the series rhyme.

Author's Biography

Christina, started writing when she learned that her son had dyslexia, who was able to learn better through rhyme. Through research, it was evident that children in their early years learn better with rhyme. The book addresses the importance of Teamwork and Friendship. Christina wanted to encourage parents to read with children from an early age. The book is supplied with a narrated CD, to help children read along.


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Reader Comments

I met Christina at an event and think the idea of helping to engage with children to read is wonderful. This book is testimony and is very entertaining. I wish Christina success.
Great fun story with colourful illustrations
Wonderfully written and narrated.
We really enjoyed reading this story with our two sons. They like the look of the Woodlouse face when she gets sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. Very entertaining
Love the characters, a great fun story
Great rhyming book. My daughter likes the sing along rhyming song
We love this rhyming book, which has some lovely illustrations too. We like it when they all help Simon the Spider out of the bath
We visited WHSmith in Leeds, and were very pleased to have our book signed. A very entertaining story
Fantastic rhyming story
A very exciting story and very entertaining for my grandson
I first met Christina at booksigning in Manchester WHSmith. It was really refreshing to see how she was inspired to write. My niece loves Veronica Vac, we will look out for when she is next in Manchester. I wish her all the best with her writing, good luck.
We bought the first book for my 5 year old niece Felicity Fly from Vromans bookstore in LA. When we arrived back in the UK, we were pleased to find that there was a second book.My niece especially loved the character rhyming song and picked up the words so quickly. We will certainly be looking out for the next one.
A very engaging book, we really enjoyed reading this story together. Beautifully written and illustrated, we can't wait for the next book.
I bought both Felicity Fly books for my niece and we love them, they are very refreshing, with some wonderful characters. We are looking forward to the next one
A very entertaining book , my son loves reading the stories and trying out the accents.
My daughter Mylie has to have this story read to her every bedtime and always laughs, when I try to do the Italian vaccum cleaners accent. We are looking forward to the next book
Christina Gabbitas 'Felicity Fly' books are very inspiring and a wonderful read with young children.
Really enjoyable!
Great CD very entertaining with engaging voices
We bought this book for our grandchildren, who thoroughly enjoyed it. We cant wait for the next book
Wonderful idea from a very motivated woman!
Great characters with a great way to get children thinking about helping one another
My cousin loves singing along to the rhyming song and I loved reading the book with her
My grandchildren were very entertained when I read this book to them. Amelia especially loved Felicity Fly and Liam loved Simon Spider. We look forward to the next one
The children in our school found the characters and setting in this book very interesting. Team work and friendship are such important issues and we enjoyed talking about how these characters helped Veronica.
I bought this book for my neice. She had enjoyed the previous Felicity Fly book and this one didn't disappoint. The audio CD makes it even more enjoyable.
I bought this book for family and friend's young children who loved it. Very colourful characters together with the rhyming story work well together. The audio CD also adds another element of interest to the book and the characters different accents.
Beautiful illustrations, captivating narration. Felicty Fly is a winner thanks to Christina's dedication!
Great characters and story which captivated my daughter
Good Luck
My nephew's son enjoyed reading this book with me. It is great for young children and the characters are fun.
I bought this book for my youngest cousin, who thoroughly enjoyed the fun rhymes and unique characters (she particularly liked Simon the Spider). The audio tape makes it all the more enjoyable, as it brings the characters to life. Felicity fly is a wonderful and original children's book which boasts lovely illustrations and stories.
My finances 7 year old brother loves this book!!
A wonderful book with many learning opportunities for young children, such as learning about regional accents within the UK, as well as international accents with the introduction of the Italian Veronica Vac. This vibrant book promotes to children the very important themes of friendship and teamwork and the rhyme makes it all the more fun!
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