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The Ghosts of Eden
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The Ghosts of Eden

By Andrew Sharp
ISBN 978-0955861338
Category Romance
July 2009


It’s the 1950s and two boys - one white, one black – are happy growing up in their childhood idyll in East Africa. But change and tragedy are on their way. Years later they both fall in love with the same woman. They must each face their past and hear their ancestors if they are to be the one to win the woman they love.

Author's Biography

Writer and medical doctor Andrew JH Sharp has lived and worked in sub-Saharan Africa. Now based in the East Midlands he returns frequently to Africa. The writer of award winning short stories, The Ghosts of Eden is his first novel.


‘Reality and myths reinforce each other and you are left feeling the vulnerability of humanity’ Yasmin Alibhai-Brown - commentator and author.

‘It made me smile, cry, question life and made me wish to be more than I am. It’s a book to keep and re-read’ T. D. Bradshaw – poet and designer.

'A masterpiece.' Andrew Crofts - author and ghostwriter.

'This deeply moving book will leave you thoughtful for long after you have read it.' Ann Widdecombe - MP and novelist

'My favourite book with an African setting and one of my top ten books of the year.' Jackie Bailey - Farm Land Books Blog

Price £10.00

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Reader Comments

A brilliantly written book that deserves to be read.
Excellent read!
Enjoyed every page.
Great Great Book!! A Definate winner!!
A good read
A beautifully written book. Sensitively observed. A must read for anyone who loves Africa.
A gripping story with an excellent beginning, and continuing with authentic medical and spiritual insights. Brilliant!
Reflects the author's background in Africa, and deals sensitively with issues raised.
Evocative, thoughtful, moving - the author gives us the true Uganda not the Amin one.
This book richly deserves a wider audience
Captivating book and difficult to put down. It clarified and informed beautifully on the spiritual world of traditional African tribal beliefs, whilst illuminating the life of ex-pat families.Lovely use of languauge.
Having lived in Uganga and been to boarding school myself I found it so emotive. A beautifully written ,unique book
I loved this book. I was gripped from the opening pages. Fantastic imagery and insights - I felt like I really got inside the characters.
Memorable exploration of the emotional and spiritual worlds of traditional Africa and colonialists: different on the surface but driven by the same uncertainties. Against this background one man returns to Africa, falls in love, and is forced to face his past. In doing so he painfully reaches a new awareness of his own deeper self and is able to mature beyond his previous emotional limitations. Moving but not sentimental, a story referenced to the past but very relevant and fitting to the 21st century.
Fantastic story
A rich and evocative read with sensitive insight into the developing minds of young children in a clash of worlds. Tribal and colonial, missionary and ex-pat, boarding school and kraal communities are mixed together in the commonalities of love, disappointment and loss in a way that convinces and intrigues. H Green.
really enjoyable read.
The synopsis given is for the prologue only! The book is SO much more. It's divided into three sections: the story of two African brothers growing up, the story of Michael as a missionary boy, and the story of Michael returning as an MD to Uganda. My favourite was the first part with beautiful insights into the African mindset, such as their concept of time. A worthwhile read. Dana Bagshaw
Drawn in from the very first chapter!
Excellent book. One you can read again and again
Beautifully written characters with a captivating story. Read during every spare moment!
Wonderfully intresting book.
amazing book! love it!
Magical language. Wonderfully drawn characters. Fascinating narrative that stops you from putting down this book before you've read it from cover to cover.
Evocative writing, an absorbing novel which touches the emotions.
Brilliantly written. Fascinating insights. Loved it.
I could picture the sights, sounds and smells of Africa through this beautifully written book. The main characters came to life though the narrative and I was truly sorry when my journey with them ended. A M Sapsford
A 'must read' by an author who knows his subject!
A great read. We lived in Uganda for a number of years and the book had us remembering those wide skies of the highlands and we could almost hear the music of Africa.
Fabulous insights into Africa and awonderful mixture of emotions.
Great book. Humorous, interesting and very evocative.
Reading the book was like going on an amazing journey, and I found it difficult to put the book down.
wonderfully evocative story with human and family drama lived out in Africa. The hold of family and Africa itself tells a poweful human story
I loved this book! The author perfectly captures the minds of the two boys, and to be able to do this convincingly with two completely different cultures is an outstanding achievement. It is my favourite book with an African setting! I really hope it wins.
It made me laugh and cry and so much rang true with my experiences of Africa.
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