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Dancing with the Dead
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Dancing with the Dead

By Deborah Gregory
Published by Solidus
ISBN 1-904529-30-5
Category Contemporary
July 2009


Gill is a young mother suddenly uprooted from her busy city life. Her beloved aunt has died and she must move into the family home with its dark secrets and inadequate mod cons. Told with a grim humour, the book examines the stresses of motherhood and loneliness. Through a series of letters, she discovers chilling evidence of a family history of the failure of maternal love.

Price £8.99

Author's Biography

Deborah Gregory was for some years an actor before obtaining an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. Having recently won prizes with her writing for the stage, she is currently working on radio scripts, as well as a new novel. Her earlier novels include The Cornflake House and The Better Part.


‘An atmospheric and disturbing read. I found Gill’s gradual unravelling horribly plausible; the claustrophobia and neglect was absolutely tangible. It kept me reading in a state of increasing trepidation’ Clare Chambers.

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Reader Comments

jolly good, first rate
a very disturbing book, yet unable to put it down...
A riveting read. One that lends insight in the mind's shift under stress from sanity and rational behaviour to a kind of frantic madness. It demonstrates how easily the lines may blur between the normal and the out of control and the dangers of mental isolation and, in this case, how devastating the effect can be, sowing the seeds for potential tragedy. I was utterly absorbed by the journey DG took me on found myself identifying and inhabiting Gill's world drawn in by quality writing that gripped and left me shaken.
Creepy and compelling. I found it almost unbearably suspenseful as it got nearer to the end and I was almost rocking in my seat, willing Gill to hang onto her sanity and save her children. A great read.
Highly imaginative and unusual story, very good read.
A compelling read! Moving and sometimes disturbing. Deborah Gregory reveals the family's dark secrets with sensitivity and humour.
One of those stories that lingers in the mind.
Wonderful characters, combined with magical plots make this a "must read" book.
Written with insight, understanding and dark humour this is a story that grips the reader and carries them along as the mothers hold on reality and her ability to care for her children unravells. A tough subject explored with honesty and compassion.
very well worthwhile reading.
I really liked this book. It was thought prevoking and dark, but not without humour.
This is a gripping tale delivered with verve and black humour. Though Deborah Gregory explores some very dark corners, her compassion and insight never falter; an extraordinary read from an accomplished writer.
An excellent book that tackles a difficult subject with wit, compassion and imagination.
A fascinating story that tackles the difficult topic of a mother's inability to love her daughter with sensitivity and even humour. The links between the past and the present make for a chilling, but very human story.
This is an outstanding book.
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