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A Tear in the Curtain
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A Tear in the Curtain

By John Symons
ISBN 978 0856832925
Category Historical
Spring 2013


Chronicles the lives of three families brought together and kept apart during the Cold War and its aftermath. The experiences of each family—one British, one Hungarian, and one Russian—reflect the brutality, danger, bravery, heartbreak, hope, and disappointment experienced when the world was divided by the Iron Curtain.

Author's Biography

John Symons, a historian, met many people persecuted by the Gestapo or KGB and had access to top secret Communist Party documents released by President Yeltsin to Soviet dissident, Vladimir Bukovsky in writing this novel. He is the author of Stranger on the Shore and This Life of Grace.


Humanity and the valour of the human spirit shine from every page.’ This England reviewing Stranger on the Shore 

Price: £9.95

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Reader Comments

Such an interesting book which displays the author's knowledge of Russia and Eastern Europe from his services out there. The interplay between the children and different nationalities and the actual historical background which is backed up by notes at the end is fascinating.
A Tear in the Curtain
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