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Born in the 1980s
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Born in the 1980s

By Catherine Browne
ISBN 978-1901927405
Category Short stories
July 2009


The stories of a generation coming of age. As the reality of the adult world begins to bite, love and lust, broken dreams, heartbreak and emotional attachments take the place of teenage hopes. This is a generation finding its feet and carving out its place in the world.

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'Exhilaratingly conceived books.' – Metro

£ 7.99  Paperback

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Reader Comments

"Christopher Robin is Cold" is great. Brilliant title. Must have been a genius who came up with it. (Ahem.)
Catherine Browne did a fine job! I hope she continues editing, and does so with the great crowd from Route.
An excellent, well-selected collection of varied and refreshing pieces - which remain surprisingly life-affirming despite the 80's cynicism!
Lou Perez forever!
this book is great!
I liked "Christopher Robin is Cold" the best...
Read in the 00s. Excellent.
This book is dynamite! Pam Laskin
Love the cover! Overall very diverse... just like our generation!
What a nice discovery this book! Thanks so much ;)
Gareth Storey is the stand out author here. Great book.
Really evocative of a generation. Some interesting new authors. I was particularly intrigued and moved reading the story by Chelsey flood.
Paints a great picture
Takes me back!
A very moving set of pieces
This is a great book. I also like the Sally Jenkinson piece best. Since it feels like we're living in the 80's again, this is a very timely collection!
A great set of stories, all really fresh and original.
Love it!!!
i particularly like the piece by Sally Jenkinson.
Amazing book!
i loved the short story in this book by the author Gareth Storey, it was by far the best one i read
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