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The Bastion Prosecutor

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The Bastion Prosecutor

Subtitle Episode 2
By A J Marshall
Published by MPress Books Ltd.
ISBN 978-0-9551886-5-7
Category Science Fiction
July 2009


British astronaut and former Mars survey leader Richard Reece, has been removed from his duties pending court martial. The remarkable flight log of the crashed spaceship that he discovered on the red planet is missing; now only he is familiar with its vital contents. International governments, pressed by a critical energy shortage need his help. A deal is struck; but when Richard emerges from the protection of his incarceration, it becomes only too apparent that desperate criminals, with global ransom in mind, wish his silence. Meanwhile Tom Race, the clean-cut American fighter pilot and commander of the Enigma, battles with a different, more sinister enemy. Humanity is desperate for energy; can the Kalahari crystals be used.

£ 6.99

Author's Biography

A J Marshall is a professional pilot with a passion for writing.  He is rapidly becoming one the best new SF writers which places him with the all time action and thriller novel greats.  This is the first episode of a trilogy which Marshall takes to the next level, both in terms of plot and excitement; a rollercoaster ride and a genuine thriller.  
He is currently writing the final book (Rogue Command) of his Kalahari Series.  


This, the third instalment, continues to enthral. Tense excitement both inside the great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza and around the "Elysium" Pyramids on Mars. Robot assassins, Holograms of the dead, the Atlantis connection, a spaceship controlled by a computer with a mind of its own and a quest unravelling mysterious ancient civilisations; this saga has it all.
Unreservedly recommended!!!  Ray Archer

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