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A Woman with No Clothes On
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A Woman with No Clothes On

By V R Main
Published by Delancey Press
ISBN 978-09539119714
Category Historical
July 2009


Who was the mysterious woman who posed naked for one of Manet’s most famous paintings?  Main creates the characters and the atmosphere of 1860’s Paris with a compelling simplicity that renders them authentic.

£ 14.99  Hardback

Author's Biography

V R Main’s first novel  explores the passionate relationship between aristocrat artist and working class model.   

V R Main has a PhD in Elizabethan drama, has worked as a journalist (BBC ) and a
lecturer at Nigerian and British universities. She has two daughters.


Winner of Trafalgar Square Prize
'Outstanding.  A powerful novel. The writing is original, literary, intense, and well observed.’
Wendy Robertson - Chair of Judges

‘This is a novel about art that appreciate the importance of money.  Its virtue is to persuade readers to examine what is narrated.’
Michael Eaude – Times Literary Review

‘Impressive and entertaining.  Main has written an imaginative insight into the art world.’
Linda Mindel – Compass Best Reads

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Reader Comments

Brilliant and captivating.
Pretty gripping, not sure about the ending.
Romance and intelligence - a lovely combination
Very good.
An excellent novel, history, romance and violence.
I really loved this book, a brilliant reworking of the traditional muse/artist dichotomy.
The book tells the story of a strong woman who was misrepresented by history. It is a novel set in the past but viewed through the eyes of a feminist. Heady stuff for those interested in the origins of modern art and for those who appreciate a woman's struggle against her time.
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