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Midwinter Lucie
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Midwinter Lucie

By Alan Porter
Published by Eyelevel Books
ISBN 978-1902528-717
Category 12+ yrs
July 2009


When Martin Lewis stumbles on a grave with his name on it, he thinks it's just a weird coincidence. He discovers there have been other Martins, all of whom died on their thirteenth birthdays. And Martin turns thirteen on Friday. Martin must decipher the riddle of Midwinter Lucie.

Price £5.95 Paperback

Author's Biography

Alan Porter is a reclusive forty year old writer living in rural Worcestershire. Having worked as a professional musician for ten years, he turned
his back on public life and now writes children's fiction full time. His second novel, 'The Black Pear', was published in March 2009


‘A very strong debut... inventive and intriguing’ Book and Magazine Collector.

‘Skillful and exciting... a superb ghost story’ WriteAway.

‘The characters are real... the horror is palpable. Children's literature has found an
important new talent’ TES website.

‘A very good suspenseful story [without] too much horror that will scare smaller children
proves you don't need violence, blood and gore to make a good horror story’ TES website.

‘A real frightener... [features] one of the scariest passages I've ever read in a book. Don't
read it unless you're feeling brave’ Reading Matters.


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Reader Comments

great bok great guy
An excellently suspenseful horror story for children which adults will also find gripping.
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