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Frightfully Friendly Ghosties Collection

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Frightfully Friendly Ghosties Collection

By Daren King
Published by Quercus Books
ISBN 9781847249937
Category Children’s 9 – 12 years/YA fantasy
Winter 2012


Tabitha Tumbly, Charlie Vapour, Rusty Chains and friends can't understand why the still-alives in their house are so mean. When Pamela Fraidy gets locked in the attic by a still-alive, the ghosties are determined to make the still-alives like them. But the more friendly they are - hiding under beds and rushing out to read them a bed-time story, rushing down the chimney to say hello, the meaner the still-alives become; they even go so far as to run out of rooms shrieking!

Author's Biography

Daren King's first adult novel Boxy an Star was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award and his first children's book Mouse Noses on Toast won the Nestlé Children's Gold Prize. He was born in Essex and now lives in London.


This story is exciting, charming and ridiculous' Guardian. 'Incredibly funny and imaginative' Sunday Express. 'This is another comical gem from Nestle Gold Award winning author Daren King. The mishaps caused by the frightfully friendly and painstakingly polite ghosties will have children shaking - with laughter. Don't wait until Halloween to read this ghost story!' TLC. 

Price:  Hard Cover £8.99 & Paperback Â£5.24

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