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Cherry Goes To Market

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Cherry Goes To Market

Subtitle Tales from Potager Rectory
By Teresa Fry & Roland Well
Published by InXmedia Limited
ISBN 978-1906192105
Category 8 - 12 yrs
July 2009


 In the village of Potager stands a very old rectory, surrounded by a delightful flower garden. There is also an extensive kitchen garden.  The gardener, Mr Murgatroyd, who looks after all the vegetables, fruit and flowers, has a big and well-kept secret.  Some of the vegetables can talk!

Author's Biography

Teresa Fry and Roland Wells are a husband and wife team who have worked together professionally as design and marketing consultants.  This is their first book in the growing Potager Rectory series.


Price £6.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Wonderful book! My niece and nephews love it...
A book kids will want to read without knowing know why they should.
lovely book and very good for childrens.. I'm please to know that know kids can find out about veggie and fruit and to know how good they are for them
Hilarious! Loved the characters and fun for the whole family.
Original and very entertaining. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to children and adults of all ages.
Brilliant idea and very amusing
Loved to book, so clever and amusing. Recommend it to readers of all ages!
what a great and fun way to get children interested in vegetables and cooking...all our kids loved it.
the family loved this book, witty fun characters and a charming story. we gave a copy to the school library here in the US.
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