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29 Ways To Drown
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29 Ways To Drown

By Niki Aguirre
ISBN 978-0-9541570-2-9
Category Contemporary Short Stories
June 2009


 29 Ways to Drown, is the debut of Niki Aguirre, a stunningly talented Ecuadorean-American writer. Influenced by a Latin-American literary tradition steeped in magic realism, but embracing a personal history that includes sojourns in Chicago, Cadiz, Guayaquil and London, Niki's fiction conveys a gritty world with a haze of surrealism.

Author's Biography

 Niki Aguirre was born in the US to Ecuadorian parents. She spent her childhood between Chicago and Guayaquil, and studied English Literature at University of Illinois. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies introduced by Sarah Waters, Julia Bell and Tash Aw, as well as in PEN International Magazine.


 â€œAguirre has an amazing imagination and each story is individual and thought-provoking… perfect..." – The Sun
“Philosophical but gritty, magic but very certainly real, these stories deal with themes of time and memory across various setting from London to Ecuador.” – Julia Bell, author of Massive and Dirty Work.
“Niki Aguirre breathes new energy into the short story, with a dark originality that makes hers compulsive reading.” – Jennifer Kabat, former editor of The Face, Arena, and ID magazine
"[Niki Aguirre] can create such different people all looking at the world from a similar slightly skewey angle… These are outsiders who, for once, are not trying to fit in.” – The Short Review

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Reader Comments

Really good read, and a real boost for anyone who aspires to write short stories.
Wonderful writing, complete entertainment.
Great read! Once I opened it, I couldn't put it down.
Love it!
Great author! Great book!
Fantastic from the first sentence, something along the lines of, One summer evening, my grandfather sent for his seven offspring and prepared to dispatch them to the hereafter with a Colt 45 - I couldn't stop
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