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Rainbow City and the Edge of Dreams
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Rainbow City and the Edge of Dreams

By Veronica Caddick
Published by Matador
ISBN 9781780881249
Category Young Adult, Fantasy and Magical Realism
Autumn 2012


Crystal Cove,  2012: Tilly Puzzle is flabbergasted when the mysterious revelation of a wondrous treasure propels her into an epic adventure to fulfil her highest destiny in a final battle against the darkest traitor of all that is of love. But time is drawing to an end, the ghastly future seeping through in a gut-wrenching game of catch-up. Who will win?

Author's Biography

Rainbow City and the Edge of Dreams is Veronica’s debut novel, inspired by all the magical books of childhood, her own fantasies and dearest dreams woven within the exciting time of now on planet Earth – the adventure to 2012 starts here! It has taken 9 years to write. Veronica, who lives in London, has a BA Hons in Performing Arts.


Price £8.99 Binding: Paperback

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