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By Jo Empson
ISBN 9781846434822
Category age 4-8 years
Summer 2012


Rabbit enjoys doing rabbity things, but he also loves un-rabbity things! When Rabbit suddenly disappears, no one knows where he has gone. His friends are desolate. But, as it turns out, Rabbit has left behind some very special gifts for them, to help them discover their own unrabbity talents!

Author's Biography

Jo Empson lives in Wiltshire, and recently graduated from Cambridge School of Art with a Masters in Children’s Book Illustration. Her background as a graphic designer has had a great influence on her work, and she especially loves children's book's created by ex-designers, such as the great Eric Carle.


‘This stunning debut picture book is all about creativity and difference’ - Guardian Review (By Julia Eccleshare) April 2012 ‘An exciting new talent has entered the world of children’s books;…fresh, quirky and wonderfully designed, a book to go back to again and again.’ CILIP Youth Libraries Group Review (By Wendy Cooling, co-founder of Bookstart) April 2012 

Price: Paperback £5.99 Hardback £12.19

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Reader Comments

An exceptional first book. Wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated. A major tallent.
Just beautiful!!
Wonderful illustrations and a beautiful take on a very emotive subject. A great read for children and adults who are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.
Excellent idea and fantastic illustrations
We at Child's Play have pioneered Jo's talent from original manuscript through to realisation of the finished book and are in no way disappointed by the end result! Rabbityness manages to capture so many things so sensitively and creatively, and really has the ability to reach out to people on a variety of levels. You are a star Jo and we are glad to have been part of this project!
This work of art is a must read for any child, especially those coping with bereavement. My family is looking forward to the next book from Jo Empson already.
This is a wonderful book, so colourful and vibrant. Beautifully written and illustrated. The story is subtle but will bring joy to any children suffering the loss of a loved one. Simply brilliant.
I sincerely hope that this is only the first of many books from Jo Empson. It has a much needed and often overlooked theme in childrens books which I hope will have much positive influence of those who read it, especially those who may be overcoming a difficult time themselves. Beautifully written, illustrated and presented. A thoughtfully written book by a truly gifted author.
Such a beautiful book. Can't wait for the next one!
To produce a debut book dealing with such a sensitive subject could be seen as foolhardy, but this is done with such bright sensitivity that it glows with happiness! The image making is timeless and will probably last for as long as books are produced. Love it!
A story that has enabled my pupils to reflect upon their feelings, has encourage empathy and inspired transformation based art projects. A must for your emotional literacy resource bank!
An excellent book from a wonderful new and fresh writer/illustrator. I greatly look forward to seeing more of her work!
From what I saw of this book it was amusing, entertaining and beautifully presented. Go Jo!
A wonderfully wise, unusual and uplifting book. What a début.
Beautiful book with amazing illustrations
A pleasure for youngsters and their parents.
A wonderful book exploring not only loss, but creativity and the joy of uniqueness.
Bitter sweet but stunningly beautiful. Brilliant!
Rabbityness is an inspiring story of loss and how creativity can restore and provide new beginnings. This beautifully produced book is written and exquisitely illustrated by the very talented Jo Empson. It is likely to become a children's classic - which adults will also find very appealing!
This is a beautifully illustrated book about an emotive subject. Wonderful.
As a paediatric hospital Chaplain, I am very pleased to have been introduced to this wonderful book. The story of the joy gradually returning, after the 'deep dark hole' left by the rabbit's passing, will resonate well with youngsters who have lost siblings and will, I believe, help them in coming to terms with, and being able to cope with their terrible loss.
Vibrant and original, a truly special book. One that has you going back for more.
Bright, beauyiful and clever.
Beautiful book! Very well handled!
Absolutely love this book, beautiful illustrations and such a lovely storyline to be enjoyed by all ages.
A deeply moving and valiant book and an absolute must for every young child. Filled with colour and sensitivity, this will become a classic and part of a child's right of passage.
This book is a must for parents and schools alike, it is a delicate subject- beautifully written and illustrated.
Rabbityness, by Jo Empson, is an inspirational and touching book that is beautifully written and exquisitely illustrated by the author herself. Although it's a book primarily designed for young children, it also has a simple, but powerful, underlying positive message about how we should live our lives and how to cope with death - a message that will resonate with both adults and children alike. Love it!
A wonderfully illustrated book by the very talented Jo Empson. Her first of many to come.
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