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Earth is our Business
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Earth is our Business

Subtitle Changing the rules of the game
By Polly Higgins
ISBN 9780856832888
Category business
Summer 2012


Proposes new Earth Law, setting out an institutional framework for sustainable development and international environmental governance. The new rules of the game offer substantial benefits to companies that find renewable solutions world needs. It advocates a new form of leadership, placing the health and well-being of people and planet first.

Author's Biography

Polly Higgins, barrister and international environmental lawyer, proposed to the UN in 2010 that Ecocide be classed as the 5th Crime Against Peace. In 2012 she will be campaigning at the 20th anniversary Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro for new rules of global governance to create a green economy. Winner of The People’s Book Prize Non Fiction 2010/2011.


Price £14.95 Binding: Paperback Publication date 16/05/12

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