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Every Day’s a Monday
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Every Day’s a Monday

By Joseph Dickerson
Published by Olympia Publishers
ISBN 9781848972094
Category Crime
Summer 2012


Hugely entertaining and exciting book covers the journey of two British Venture Capital Assessors when they travel to the third world island republic of Gilipollas to assess a venture capital application. Nothing could have prepared them for the chain of events that would turn their visit into a horrific nightmare.

Author's Biography

Joseph was born just outside Norwich. He’s the youngest of six children. His parents emigrated to Australia in 1959, and returned to Norfolk when he was nineteen. He became an Air Traffic Controller, in the Royal Air Force and travelled extensively abroad on Government business, before taking early retirement.


‘Every Day’s a Monday is a blend of fiction and non-fiction and draws heavily on Joseph's real life experience, - Sean O’Hare, The Telegraph Price £ 6.99 Binding: Paperback

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