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By Marta Altés
ISBN 978-1-84643-417-4
Category 4-8 yrs
Spring 2012


Written and illustrated by a fresh new talent, this is the story of a likeable, well-meaning and irrepressible dog and the mystery surrounding his name. Simple, short and punchy text accompanied by quirky, original illustrations- this is a picture book children (and adults) will want to read again and again.

Author's Biography

Originally Marta studied graphic design, subsequently working as a graphic designer, in Barcelona. Following this she decided to pursue her interest in illustration, joining the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art. ‘NO!’ marks her debut as a published author/illustrator, but has already become a firm favourite.


‘Lovely and beautifully illustrated. It also lends itself well to expressive telling- perfect as this is part of the curriculum at this age’ ‘What’s Good To Do’ (Website) ‘Perfect, fun book for this age, not too long or short. My daughter read all the words herself and loved the illustrations of the dog’s mischief!’ ‘Stressed Rach’ (Mum’s blog website) Price: £5.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

Very clever and funny. A lovely book!
I love this book because is fresh, clever and suitable for children of different ages...I have already given it as a present to a few kids and thinking to have my own copy as well!!
Great BOOK, great JOB!
Please vote to support this fantastic book!
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