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Organic Places to Stay
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Organic Places to Stay

Subtitle UK & Ireland ::: WINNER Non Fiction - JUNE 2009 :::
By Linda Moss
Published by Green Books
ISBN 978 1 900322 44 7
Category Travel/Holiday
June 2009


Organic Places to Stay has over 500 accommodation entries in the UK & Ireland, to help you find the perfect organic accommodation. This book tells you if meals containing organic produce or fresh organic produce to buy are available either on-site or within five miles of your holiday accommodation.

Author's Biography

Linda Moss created ten years ago, and in 2004 her website won an Environmentally Friendly Website Award. She is married with three grown up children and two grandchildren, and has lived in Guiseley, West Yorkshire all her life.


“This book will be an invaluable travelling companion.” – Craig Sams, Vice Chairman of the  Soil Association and Founder of Green & Black’s

“Linda Moss’ wonderfully well researched and informative book will provide you with all the information you need to plan your break.” – Guy Watson Organic Farmer, Founder of Riverford Organic Vegetables

“With more and more people choosing a low carbon footprint holiday, Linda’s book is the must have guide for superb accommodation and tasty nutritious food.” – Peter Shield, Editor of Natural Choices

“A well researched guide that is a good starting point for planning a green holiday or just a weekend away. Every Household should have one.” – Laura Sevier, The Ecologist

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Reader Comments

An excellent eco-friendly travel guide tool - I wouldn't be without one. (Lizzie Myers - Huntstile Organics).
This book is probably the most complete and useful guide for people interested in an health holiday and pure meals.
Organic Places to Stay is a treasure trove of all that is great and good , if you are looking for an organic place to stay this is the definitive guide. Kaye Thorne Editor Hot Brands Cool Places
Very interesting and thoroughly researched book.
A great contribution to a better world, where we care for our environment. Jolanda Beringen, ECEAT.
A first class objective read, packed with useful information.
BELLISSIMO! Grazie Linda. Ilaria Corazza - Verona
Invaluable guide to holidays where the good life matters.
What a great book
Organic Places to Stay is a great guide for folk seeking a truly green holiday - from basic self-catering to 5-star luxury - in my view it also works both ways in that those providing the holidays get the right type of customer who will really appreciate what is being offered. Anna Novak, Tom's Bothy, Achmore, Scoraig
I very much like this book and have found Linda and her web site very helpful. As a telephone volunteer for ( people who have severe sensitivities I am increasingly being asked for details of accomodation that is chemical free and not in vicinity of mobile phone masts, wifi etc. This is extremley difficult and Linda has been most helpful. Thank you.
Splendid publication. Great comments. Great photos. Enrico
Linda Moss has put together the perfect resource for a new wave of environmentally-thoughtful travellers. There's no erroneous embroidered 'fluff' to wade through either, the book is fact-packed with all the information you need to choose a holiday destination that will tick all the boxes that are important to you, your family and the planet. Tracey Smith - writer/broadcaster sustainable living and author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas.
Extremely useful & well laid out guide to some fabulous accommodation.
A very original idea for a book in this world of saving the planet, going green and organic. Well done. Nice photos.
Invaluable guide, well presented & easy to use-indispensable
A very genuine holiday guide - you will not be disappointed.
If you like to live,travel and stay healthy then this little book is an absolute "must have".
Great guide written in plain and simple English.
Organic is critical to all of us, and this book is doing agreat job helping to bring suppliers to potential users
Fantastic and useful.
A great book from both points of view - for those in it who follow the organic ethos and those who travel with it. Organic = caring.
a great guide
THis book is an essential buy for all those people without access to computers that want an Organic B and B
I've had this book for a couple of years now and have used it on occasions. My only regret is that there aren't more organic places to stay!
A great companion to have for those spur of the moment breaks away. As a foodie I love to sample the local produce and enjoy discovering new places to stay.
This book is terrific. All B and B's and other places to stay throughout the world should be organic. I don't think any food should be riddled with pesticides. Food that is grown with pesticides should be illegal.
A superb guide to some of the most beautiful, and green, places to stay in the UK and Ireland. A must ahve for anyone who wants a super holiday with a light carbon footprint
It's a great book Linda. I refer lots of consumers who are looking for organic holidays to buy it (and I even mentioned it in a letter to the Guardian!) Look forward to the next one!
A marvelous effort and a valuable resource. Its abit like your own yacht - you don't have to use it but you know you can when you need to. Well done Linda.
This a wonderfully useful book, impeccably researched and easy-to-use. As a green journalist, I often recommend it - it is reliable and accessible. Linda has been gathering information on organic places-to-stay for nearly ten years - she knows the scene. Where would we be without this book?
This book will inspire many people to go organic.It deserves an award.
Linda has devoted years to the promotion of ethical and organic places to stay and richly deserves her book to be recognised.
A very well thought out and artistically presented book which is of great use to organic enthusiasts like myself. Long may you continue to keep updating it.
A fantastic idea in an area not previously researched. A very useful book, well resourced, well written, and very well presented.
Well done Linda, I hope lots of people recognise the huge amount of effort you have put into producing this fascinating and very useful resource and cast their vote for Organic Places to Stay. best wishes, I love the book.
Wonderful book - looks beautiful, well researched, and has got to know lots of hidden spots of Ireland and UK. As a travel journalist I find it invaluable. As a mother, it is full of places to take my children for weekend getaways. As a woman, it gives me ample choice of places to escape to alone also! Well done, Linda
I absolutely love this book, a comprehensive guide to organic and sustainable holidays, I've already booked my first weekend break away - thanks Linda for making my life so easy!
I heartily applaud Linda's vision and can highly recommend this comprehensive selection of organic holiday properties. In fact I will be checking through her listings and aim to try one out the first chance I get!
Fantastic guide to some of the best organic places to stay in the world - well done Linda for starting a super venture!
This is a really well presented guide for holidays and short breaks with an emphasis on green and organic flavours and without any compromise as to quality and comfort.
If you are serious about staying in good quality accommodation offering the finest organic produce and excellent service, this book is the one for you.
Excellent and very informative work
This is a wonderful guide book which leads you to excellent personally-run guest houses with character and soul. I found it first rate.
Great way to find a fantastic vacation!
What a wonderful guide this has proved to be. An essential travel guide for anyone who cares about the environment.
Great source for responsible holidays supporting those who are making a difference in our world. Highly recommended.
A very serious and real list of organic accomodation in the world
Informative book helped us find some real gems that we will revisit time and again.
An invaluable guide
A very valuable list of the most wholesome accomodation in the UK
Great book - well alid out and good for people wanting a greener holiday.
Fantastic - very clear and loads of interesting places to stay
Wonderful Book, full of great places to stay. Particularly liked the section on Ireland!
A great book offering quality and ethics; I keep a copy in my travel bag for all UK travel and have given it to all my friends who were so pleased such a book existed!
A superb reference book for organic places to stay - cannot reccomend it enough Penny Webber
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