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On the Nature of Poetry
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On the Nature of Poetry

By Kenneth Verity
ISBN 978-0-85683-246-8
Category History Poetry
June 2009


Almost a library in one volume, this unusual book, written by an accomplished poet, examines the 4000 years old phenomenon of poetry. It explains the underlying power of this art form and how its effect is exerted over human hearts and understanding. Over 200 poets from both East and West are quoted.

Author's Biography

Deeply attracted to the works of Shakespeare and the 4000 years old history of poetry, Kenneth Verity worked as a communications specialist, travelling widely in the Far East, studying Buddhism in Tibet, Thailand and Korea. Verity lectures and broadcasts, and is the author of three books of sonnets and two books of haiku.


The great merit of Verity's approach is that he quotes lavishly throughout, not only from the poems themselves, but also from a variety of critics        LIBRARY REVIEWS

Of his first book of sonnets Kingsley Amis wrote ‘They belong within the corpus of English poetry’

Excerpts of Interview with Kenneth Verity on The Vanessa Phelps BBC Radio programme on June 2009 on the News Page (off the Home page)

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Reader Comments

The author is a man whose books illustrate profound knowledge of his subject; essential for anyone studying the history of this art.
A very readable book packed with infgormation
Eclectic and eminently readable.
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