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Four Fathers
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Four Fathers

By Ray French, James Nash, Tom Palmer, John Siddique
ISBN 978-1901927276
Category Family Issues
June 2009


Four sons reveal the bonds that exist between themselves and their very different fathers; they then turn the tables and consider their own roles as fathers and father figures. These tender and heart-warming tales mix memoir with fiction and provide a perfect backdrop to reflect on this most important relationship.

Author's Biography

Ray French is a creative writing tutor in Leeds. He has published three novels. His book, The Red Jag and other stories, was nominated for the Macmillan Silver Pen Award.

James Nash is a writer, poet and journalist. He is Writer in Residence at University of Leeds and author of Coma Songs

Tom Palmer is author of amongst others, Shaking Hands with Michael Rooney, More Readers Reading More and more recently Foul Play Football Detective (Puffin 2008) He works in libraries promoting reading and works with the National Literacy Trust and The Reading Agency.

John Siddique
has published four collections of poetry including one for children.  He is The British Council's Los Angeles Writer in Residence 2009


A fascinating double-take on the experience of being fathered and then becoming a father - tales full of wit, pathos and insight. - Blake Morrison

Brilliantly written and incredibly moving. - The Western Mail

'Fathers wonderfully brought to life…so many contrasts, and yet so much to recognise.'  – Times Education Supplement

'A masterful collection that shines a powerful and insightful light into our emotional identities.'– The Big Issue

All the stories have poignancy, humour and insight. I found it difficult to put down. – Todmorden Today

‘Such a clever although simple idea for a book as well as containing excellent writing.' – Helen Osborn, Head of Libraries and Information, Co Tyrone

This collection of meditations on the nature of fatherhood is a must-read for anyone interested in the strange mysteries of the human heart.' - Joolz Denby

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Reader Comments

A very enjoyable collection.
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