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Mystic Pig
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Mystic Pig

By Richard Katrovas
Published by The Oleander Press
ISBN 9780906672778
Category Thriller Drama
June 2009


Hell is the place between words and the world...  Willie, 12, and middle-aged Nathan are   inhabitants of the Crescent City whose passions, dreams and lives are altered by the dying of a local poet. It’s a novel about life and love, death and despair, acceptance, denial, murder, sex – and fine cuisine.  Not necessarily in that order. 

Author's Biography

Author of eleven books, Richard Katrovas taught for twenty years at the University of  New Orleans. Professor of English at Western Michigan University since 2003, he is  also  founding director of the Prague Summer Programme. Katrovas's poems, stories and  essays have appeared in leading journals and anthologies in America.


 "Richard Katrovas's first novel, Mystic Pig, is as wild, dangerous and spicy as the city  it celebrates."
-- Valerie Martin

 â€œGrounded in what often feels like the all-too-real world, this is writing that manages  to be both earthy and transcendent.”
 Gregor White, Stirling Observer

 "From page one, this is a novel you want to take your time with."
-- Frederick Barthelme

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Reader Comments

The characters are vivid, unique, and likeable, and when their separate stories finally intersect and merge, the result takes you to an emotional place you did not expect, but were glad to have experienced. It's a lovely book, and deserves a wide audience.
This is one of the best books I've ever read. Katrovas has a truly unique american voice.
wonderfully engrossing...!
This book is a modern classic - absolutely hooked from the start. Read it in one sitting and am looking forward to re-reading it!
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