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Crazy Horse
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Crazy Horse

Subtitle ::: WINNER June 2009 :::
By Susan Everett
ISBN 978-1901927061
Category Romantic thriller
June 2009


The story follows the fortunes of a young horse lover who battles through late adolescence. Jenny Barker is left to deal with tensions at the family home and navigating college, the attentions of an amorous vet, the complications of love and above all else, there is a vicious horse savager on the loose

Author's Biography

Susan Everett is a novelist and screen writer. She has won the Carl Foreman Screenwriting Award, in association with BAFTA and This Morning TV/SHE Magazine short story competition award.


'A stomping, snorting, bucking bronco of a first novel from a thoroughbred storyteller who is here to stay. Think Black Beauty updated by Sporty Spice’ – Joseph O’ Connor

An excellent novel, witty, complex and full of insight. A joy to read – Beryl Bainbridge

'Everett is one to watch. This is a Gemini of a book, full of mood swings and moonlight. More please.' - The Big Issue

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Reader Comments

Excellent book, serious with aspects of comedy, fast moving read ...Very visual. Great script. Loved the twist at the end!!! GOOD LUCK Michelle . H : )
Couldn't put it down! Christine
I read Crazy Horse when it first came out - and loved it. I have just re-read it again, and I had forgotten just how funny it was. The writing is sharp, witty, original, fresh, with shades of light and dark. A unique voice. A compelling read. This should be compulsory reading for anyone who has ever been confused about growing up, or love. Forget Bridget Jones and the Twilight series- this touches on similar themes - but does it in a different (and crazy) way.
i must say this book crazy horse is really an amazing one..........susan everett rocks.......... peerzada muhammad rizwan (pakistan)
proud to call her an old friend and i do want a signed copy!!!
An excellent psychological drama/thriller with exploring female sensitivity. Horse theme in Everett’s style!
one of the best books i have ever read!
Thoroughly enjoyable read.Found it hard to put down.Hopefully Susan will write another soon.
You must be mad to vote for susan, but its a mad, mad world!
Like all good books, this story has a flow to it which makes it all the more enjoyable.
Crazy Horse, Crazy Susan
Unique! A beautifully written book that at times defies description. Funny, crazy, sometimes even disturbing - this book deserves to get a cult following. More please!
Quirky and fun.
I love this book - it's so original. A mix of humour and also scary moments. My favorite book used to be Iain Bank's The Wasp Factory - but now it's Crazy Horse. Read it now!
Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Bonkers.
Susie rocks!
mad as a mad thing
Can't wait for Sue's next book, this one was great!
A fantastic book - loved it!
A fantastic novel...a well balanced blend of humour and darkness, which never loses touch with the realism of its characters. In fact the darkest moments are also the most humorous - and vice versa! Reminiscent of early John Banville or Iain Banks in that respect, although this work is in no way derivative and is notable for the author's unique perspective and way with words... For the record, I have rarely been one to re-read books:- but I have read this one three times to date and intend to do so again... My only complaint? I'm still waiting for her next novel!
I read it in one go, could,t put it down.
Excellent - funny, witty, clever, really very smart indeed - congrats.
Fantastic book, couldn't put it down. Yvonne
I read it in one sitting, loved it.
A cool book, both funny and lovely. Caroline
This is a real gem of a book!
A wonderful book, with warm engaging characters. A joy
I love this book. It's full of funny bits and adventure bits and it's hard to put down! Read it x Emma
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