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Soft Belly Days
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Soft Belly Days

By Carly Nugent
Published by MPress Books Ltd.
ISBN 97809565507709
Category General Fiction/Romance
Autumn 2011


Rachel Tange strides across the frosted sands of Carbis Bay, Cornwall, trying to come to terms with her father's dying. Pursued to the cliff-edge of memory, Rachel remembers tormented Abigail Daylight and the tragic tale of unrequited love buried in her carrier bags, and the three wishes she made as a child before the fates of these women were bound forever.

Author's Biography

Carly Nugent was born in Illogan Highway, Redruth, and grew up in 1960s/1970s Cornwall before moving away, and then finally returned to her roots in the late 1990s. Cornwall is her home, the place she loves.


‘Carly writes from the heart’. ‘A compelling and haunting story’. Price £6.99 Binding: Paperback Publication date 30/06/11

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Reader Comments

A compelling emotionally charged read with a deep understanding of our psychological drivers. Has enabled me to revisit childhood with a new empathy and insight.
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