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The Galaxy Boys and The Sphere
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The Galaxy Boys and The Sphere

By Andrew Steele
ISBN 9781857566871
Category 8 - 12 yrs
June 2009


Four young brothers had no idea they were boys of the galaxy, living in an orphanage or about events outside planet Earth - now racing towards them in the heavens. This would change their understanding of reality, then their lives.

They learn how to pilot spaceships, discover there is an evil that will chase them to the far riches of the galaxy to retrieve what was lost. If the brothers stick together, they're likely to make it through this adventure. But sticking together in the incredibly vast galaxy may not be possible, or practical.

Author's Biography

Andrew Steele has always been enthralled with the world beneath him; and in awe of our galaxy and the universe beyond.  So Andrew wrote his children a story, and thought it would be great to share the Galaxy Boys adventure with those who might also dream of what is really out there, awaiting those who accept the challenge to embark on a grand galactic adventure.

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Reader Comments

This is a little gem of a book that reminds me of when I read titles such as the Famous Five series as a child. Well worth a ready, this novel is an exciting adventure tracing the escapades of four young brothers as they find themselves in space, searching for their parents, amongst others. Something the children can get really stuck in to and identify with - will leave them wanting to be one of the Galaxy Boys, including me! Enjoyed as an adult - bought back childhood memories, and the big kid in me.
Very good book. Liked the two floating robots, Socket and Wrench. Thought their Gran was really funny. Enjoyed part where they went in helicopter under the water. Wish I was there with them. Can't wait for next one in the series.
I loved reading this book
A fun-filled, fantasy frolic jam packed with original plot lines and imaginative baddies. Engaging and funny. The kids will love it.
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