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Brother Egbert & the Carpenter of Willingford
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Brother Egbert & the Carpenter of Willingford

Subtitle With over 70 illustrations ::: WINNER June 2009 :::
By Steve Eggleton
Published by The Erskine Press
ISBN 978 1 85297 099 4
Category 6 - 12 yrs
June 2009


Brother Egbert is a medieval monk who spends his time in the scriptorium copying out pages from the Bible.  He also writes his own stories gleaned from travellers and local gossips.  This story tells of Carpenter Tom  who is tricked into setting out on a journey to the Eastern Kingdom. With over 70 illustrations

Author's Biography

Steve Eggleton is best known for his relief sculptures strongly influenced by his love of medieval carving.  His sculptures and carved signs can be seen across the East Anglian region

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Reader Comments

Really, really good. One of the few books my son asked to read again and again. He liked the calligraphic writing and the liitle puzzles along the way. I enjoyed reading it too and appreciated the obvious care which went into writing it. We're looking forward to the next one.
A delightful book - clever and funny and with a moral story. The drawings are beautiful. can't wait for the next one
Excellant book - beautiful illustrations and my children thoroughly enjoyed reading it!
This is an excellent book for parents to read to their children, with some beautiful hand-drawn pictures. I hope the adventures of Brother Egbert will go on for a long time to come.
A great childrens and family book - with a moral story that adults will also enjoy. love the illustrations.
An interesting and illuminating book enjoyed greatly by all our children.
Fantastic story. Superb illustrations.Hope there is another story soon.
Great story. Superb illustrations. Can't wait for the next one.
very enjoyable book hope its not too long before the next book in the series
Excellent story, beautfiully illustrated, and enjoyed by all ages, including Grandpa!
Stunning illuminations & a beautifully written story!
Fabulous illustrations. A most enjoyable book.
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