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Bird Mountain
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Bird Mountain

By Keith Chatfield
Published by Tabb House
ISBN 1873951248 / 9781873951248
Category 7 - 12 yrs
June 2009


Neesha finds that her bird friends are disappearing. Then Sharcrag, who lives in a hollow mountain plotting to rule the whole world, captures Neesha, too. Sharcrag taps at her computer all day, her weapons the power of words and her enslaved birds. Neesha needs to stop her, quickly.

Author's Biography

Keith Chatfield became a school teacher, in order to get to know the children for whom he wanted to write. His books include the Tregarrick Adventure, the Humphrey Series and Bird Mountain, published by Tabb House, and the books of his TV Series Hatty Town and Issi Noho


‘Important things such as freedom, love and poetry – all crammed into the breathtaking fantasy world of Bird Mountain. An enthralling read.’   The Times

‘I did not want to put it down’ - 10 yr old reviewer, Eastern Daily Press   

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