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By David Johns
Published by Pomegranate Press
ISBN 978-0-954-89752-9
Category 10 - 14 yrs
June 2009


It’s the 14th century – and a young lad is fleeing for his life the length of England.
The evil Baron Fulke has devised a terrible sport. His nephew Ranulph, the rightful heir to his dead father’s northern possessions, is to be hunted to death.  Ranulph journeys south, danger always at his heels.
Our fast-maturing hero has an agonising decision to make – should he return north to claim his feudal inheritance or choose instead to embrace the excitements and uncertainties of an age still struggling to be born?

Author's Biography

David Johns is the pseudonym of two collaborators, David Arscott and David Marl.
Arscott has more than 30 books on Sussex themes to his name, is a former newspaper journalist and BBC producer and is involved in media training in the UK and abroad. Marl, a former teacher, is an art lecturer and a non-stipendiary Church of England vicar.
Their Eye and Blade Trilogy is currently in preparation.


'This is an exciting and very fast-moving story set in Medieval England. The background to the story is well-researched with an authentic medieval milieu and fascinating characters . . . a compulsive read for KS2 and KS3 readers who are interested in the historical and social setting of the 14th century.’   Ann Trevenen Jenkin - The School Librarian


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Reader Comments

superb! an enthralling book that captivates you and is fast moving! 10/10 :)
A stunning revelation of olden day england with a captivating storyline that ensures the readers enthusiasm
Brilliant and engaging
This is a splendid book for upper primary, lower secondary pupils. Both boys and girls will enjoy the pacy nature of this journey through a dangerous medieval England. And many a class teacher will welcome the opportunities to latch on to the historical and geographical features which emerge throughout the excellent telling.
Very much enjoyed in this family !
Gripping - well worth a read!
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