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Eradicating Ecocide
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Eradicating Ecocide

Subtitle Laws and Governance to Prevent the Destruction of our Planet
By Polly Higgins
ISBN 9780856832758
Category business/environment
Spring 2011


Because damage to our environment in pursuit of profit is now so threatening to the ecosystem on which all life depends, the author is campaigning for a paradigm shift, embodied in international law, from ownership to trusteeship of the earth’s resources, enforced by creating a 5th Crime Against Peace, Ecocide

Author's Biography

Polly Higgins is a barrister and international environmental lawyer, voted one of the ‘World’s Top 10 Visionary Thinkers’ by The Ecologist and nominated as ‘the Lawyer for Planet Earth’ for 2010 Performance Awards


… lays the framework for us to lobby our leaders for real environmental laws and contains tips on taking action.’ The Observer Magazine ‘ makes a good moral and logical argument that the only way to stop ecocide is to make it a serious crime.’ ‘The beauty of this proposal is how it uses what is already there – the UN framework, international criminal law, and the trusteeship concept. Sierra Club Price £17.95 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

This book gave me hope again that there is a way forward.
Essential reading...and then acting.
Essential and timely. A great book for us all.
Preserving the earth for future generations of all living things is vital. This book focuses on how to do this legally, how to wake the public to possible solutions. I vote for Ending Ecocide by Polly Higgins.
A fantastic piece of pursuasive argument. This should be read by everyone in No.10 and the White House.
I vote for Eradicating Ecocide
This is the book that legal systems around the world are waiting for = drawing on its ideas to overturn 500 years of denying nature a legal voice. This should be book of the century.
This book is one of the most important books for solving our most vital is literally about the survival of life as we know it on our planet! Polly brings us what we so desperately need: finally, an elegant, inspiring, ambitious yet totally possible solution to save ourselves!
go polly! xxx
This book is important
If anyone can help save the planet, Polly's book can
Not the most optimistic book, but *crucial* for our future wellbeing, or even survival!
If this book fails to win the prize, humanity deserves what it's got in store...
Important ideas and practical application!
Essential reading!
A must read for anyone who cares about having a socially just and liveable tomorrow - Jim
very good
An essential book that can help us create a better world.
Voting remains open until midnight, May 31st.
Interesting read!
Polly's book is essential reading to anyone interested in looking after the world and not interested in green wash. Gareth
excellent read
Excellent job Polly! Best read in 2011 so far!
Simply excellent.
excellent !
This is a major new approach towards understanding what we are doing to the planet. Corporate business - and others in society - only seem to understand the "law" and act accordingly to minimise their obligations. Hence we have labour laws, and social laws (although these are often under threat), so to introduce the the term of "ecocide" is a fantastic development and one we should all welcome and the book has to be considered as a mainstream issue and to win the Peoples Book Prize woudl give this more consideration. Thanks Polly
Too late to vote (by a few minutes) but I must comment to say that this is by far the most important and world-changing book on the list. It is factual and careful, but also very moving. Making ecocide an international crime against peace would go so far towards arresting the destruction and pollution of our only planet.
Best book 2011 for our readers!
Best read 2011 for me.
MetLawyer loves this book!
Not only a brilliant book but a guide! Thank you Polly.
Important stuff.
Probably the most important book in all history...
Hurrah for Polly.
Ecocide as a UN amendment could transform the face of the planet - as did the abolition of slavery in the C19
I totally support and agree with Polly's goal for international legislation against ecocide and hope that winning this award will stir more public support.
I vote for Polly Higgins' 'Eradicating Ecocide'
This is an important, inspirational and visionary book which should be read by all world leaders!
Polly gets my vote. Our planet needs to be heard.
excellent read
No more deserving and inspirational book and author could win this prize.
Enlightening and frightening - and essential reading. We need to think differently and faster
This book needs to get out there
Polly Higgins is an inspiration. An international lawyer, she has focussed her talents towards the creation of a new international law, Ecocide. Higgins is petitioning the UN to add a Fifth Crime Against Peace, following Genocide, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes of Aggression. If successful this would allow for the prosecution of major polluters at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. This includes Heads of State as well as CEOs. This will be an incredibly difficult task but, having met her and realised the depth of her research and extent of her networking in Southern nations, if anyone can pull it off Higgins can. The next couple of years might be very interesting.
This book should be compulsary reading for all people,businesss and changemakers to inspire us all to lobby our leaders to ACT now and much much faster than they are.
This is the most serious issue facing us; we must not deny it and Polly Higgins helps us face reality
We need to stop the destruction of natural habitat around the world and the current anthropogenic mass extinction. The proposals in this book will help in this goal.
This book will help create a new foundation for a new humanity !
A book of universal influence and initiative that will stimulate the changes the planet needs.
fabulous user friendly legal book which manages to be easy and interesting to read, while being packed full of information. its also a refreshing positive climate change book.
Making ecocide a crime is SO important that everything else pales into insignificance. If the human race continues to wreak havoc on the Earth's ecosystems there will soon be no more books, no more people, no more life as we know it.
best book this decade
It's about time it was made a serious crime to cause ecoside, and this book says it all. Fantastic!
Looks Great!!
An amazing idea! I hope this book leads to a healthier future for generations to come. I vote for a scientific approach to responsible management of the Earth's resources and for the outcome of such studies to write the rule book for what companies can and cannot do when impacting on the Earth in any way.
Brilliantly written
This is an important book and important legislation! The Earth is a Living and Intelligent Being, as we are. If we don't stop raping her and killing her, bit by bit; there will be no place for us to live.
Great cause!
I guess the survival life on planet earth is a concept to get behind, eh?
A heroic and visionary book!
Maybe the most improtant book for the 21st century!
An important book!
An inspiring read to shake us out of complacency. A call to a new practical way of saving our trees and our planet at the 11th hour.
This book proposes a method to bring to justice those who create wanton destruction to our environment and who, up to now have, been able to hide behind a cloak of corporate invisibility. It removes a huge roadblock to environmental sustainability. Bravo!
a planet saving read!
Polly Higgins pioneering visionary work is inspiring and this book is essential reading for us all to act on; this is just the start!
A significant book for the new era. Gives hope to all that care about the future. Will inform the environmental activism of millions. Well written and presented.
Eradicating Ecocide sets out how we can 'pull up the tracks' on our unjust legal system and put in place radical new laws which will criminalise behaviours which have a deadening effect on life. Polly Higgins is an activist lawyer and a true inspiration to all young lawyers.
this book is wonderful and deserves to win!
Most needed book in these times...Thanks Polly
Recyle, renew & reuse the laws that are in place. Eco-LOGICal
Fantastic that this book is being considered, brilliant
Great book a must read
Essential reading. Ecocide must be eradicated or it will destroy us all.
The simple facts and the simple solution to guarantee a sustainable future for our children - a true call to action for every one of us.
A book for our times and a chance for real quality of life.
A must-read for anyone looking for a real and practical solution to the global environmental and cultural crisis.
Surely, this accessible yet comprehensive book counts among the most timely currently available on crucial theme of our times.
A great contribution to a critically important subject area
Beyond important-we cannot carry on as if there is no tomorrow, as there will be no tomorrow.
This is a major contribution to high-efficacy strategy; to ignore it could be interpreted as a form of sui-genocide.
Polly knows law inside out. She also understands what matters in life. When these two come together, you have an explosive combination generating invaluable insights inspiring for action that counts.
Quite simply the best book on the most important topic of all time. Of course I recommend it. :o)
In you own words Polly "Trim tabs each and every one of us." We can all trim direction with our purchases or investments. When CEO's can be prosecuted , they will have to either change direction... or suffer a personal loss. (rather than shareholders "picking up the Tab!") The Global Law of Ecocide will trigger that change of direction.
Polly Higgins is woman with a huge heart and great vision. She's waking up people all over the world to the need to protect our planet, and hence ourselves. She's right – we have to change the rules so that governments and corporations can no longer see ecoside as an option.
The nuclear tests in the 40's, 50's and 60's and so on were deliberate and ignorant We cannot learn, despite this wonderful book..
This is an important book. The simple fact of defining Ecocide as a crime could give pause to thinking members of some companies' boards, and hold back destructive projects.
Truly inspiring - how laws could save the planet. This is insightful and proactive - it is as the forefront of a new wave of thought that offers real solutions to tackling global problems.
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