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Summer Night, Winter Moon
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Summer Night, Winter Moon

By Jane Huxley
Published by Delancey Press
ISBN 978-09539119-5-0
Category Romance,
June 2009


Antonia was last seen in Regent's Park walking her dog. The fast-moving story travels backwards  in time.  Exploration of the mystery of Antonia's fate follows twists and turns as hair-raising as the roads on the mountainous isle of Capri.  Jane Huxley, detective of the human psyche, ushers readers to the astonishing ending, proving that the deepest mystery of all is that of the soul torn between desire and loyalty.  Soon to be made into a motion picture.

Author's Biography

Jane Huxley is recognised as a clever and ingenious novelist. As one reviewer of her previous work called "the pampered indolence of F. Scott Fitzgerald's “The Beautiful and the Damned", Huxley once again elevates the novel to literary artwork.  She is married and has 2 daughters.


"This is a thrilling, cleverly constructed story of love distorted by jealously."
Dame Beryl Bainbridge

"A compelling read".     Simon Cowell
 â€œI devoured it in just 2 nights:  literally unputdownable.”
 Sally Farmiloe – Hotgossip


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Reader Comments

great author
A captivating story. It could make a good film. Lydia Silvestry
You have to read this can't put it down till the last page!
I loved this book couldn't put it down!
Wonderful, beautiful book; as are all the others I have read by this author!
Different. Gripping. Highly recommended. Much enjoyed it.
Brilliantly written. Reverse chronology. A great fast read.
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