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The Noblest Roman
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The Noblest Roman

By Roger Butters
ISBN 9781857566840
Category Historical,
June 2009


Rome 205AD. Power has fallen into the hands of Septimius Severus, a military hand man and his vicious sons Autoninus (aka Caracalla) and Geta who are both a source of embarrassment to him. Historically accurate and incorporating humour, this epic and gripping story traces the lives and loves of six young people caught up in a turbulent background of palace intrigue and politics. Encompassing, passion, murder and conspiracy, the outcome of which, neither they nor those in power can foresee

Author's Biography

Born in Stafford in 1940, Roger Butters was a director of Stafford Rangers F.C. during the 1970s. He practised as a solicitor in the town until retiring in 1978 to give more time to writing. His interests include Buddism, karate, chess and the local theatre. This is his fourth novel and is currently writing a series of modern crime stories

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Reader Comments

A story contrasting characters of both moral and immoral behaviour, plots and seduction. Sometimes brutal, sometimes humorous, sometimes decidedly 'naughty'. Couldn't forsee the ending.... sk, staffs.
Roger Butter's books are always some thing! This one is even better.
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