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John Clare
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John Clare

Subtitle Voice Of Freedom
By R S Attack
ISBN 9780856832703
Category Biography
Winter 2010


This book looks at John Clare’s attitude to the land and his responses to the Enclosures Movement, which dramatically altered the English landscape and the damaged the livelihood of rural families. Clare’s distress is expressed in his heartfelt poetry, which is explored and assessed in a unique way by this author.

Author's Biography

R S Attack worked as a legal secretary, while maintaining an interest in economics. Concerned about social injustice, and unconvinced by the solutions offered by political parties, she enrolled for a degree in Economic History at Sussex University, where she was able to begin research on this study.


£9.95 Paperback

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Reader Comments

He cries out through his poetry at the injustice he suffered from and witnessed as further land enclosure decimated the countryside he loved. As the problem of lack of access to land has not gone away, his vivid poetry and caustic turn of phrase call out to us today.
This is an excellent introduction to Clare's poetry and life - highly recommended
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