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Merry Christmas, RIP
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Merry Christmas, RIP

By Peter Ardern
ISBN 9781857567618
Category 14-16 years
Winter 2010


It’s almost Christmas, and Billy Ingham is roped into helping his grandmother prepare the local church for Advent. But when a mysterious American arrives in the village and throws himself into village life, Billy suspects the newcomer isn’t what he seems to be.

Author's Biography

Peter Arden was born in South Cheshire, 1952. He spent his early years as a farm worker, British Rail Plate-layer, postman and gardener, before training to teach. He then taught inner-city teenagers for seventeen years. He still works as a supply teacher as well as being a published author. He is now concentrating on the Billy Ingham series.


£8.95 Paperback

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Reader Comments

A spell-binding adventure....great stuff for teenagers and oldies like me1
This is a great book for teenagers & also adults, as I pick up & read my daughters copy & really enjoyed it! Merry Christmas...
Fantastic Christmas book!
Another compelling Billy Ingham adventure. Can't wait for the next in the series.
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