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Predator Culture
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Predator Culture

Subtitle The Systematic Roots and intent of Organised Violence
By Fred Harrison
ISBN 9780856832734
Category History
Autumn 2010


Shows how the violent birth of nation-states splits the population into two classes, victors and vanquished, and perpetuates and legitimates this division through the system of land tenure. The author provides a framework for truth and reconciliation to halt the slide toward a violent world slipping out of control.

Author's Biography

Fred Harrison is Research Director of Land Research Trust, London. After a career as a Fleet Street investigative journalist, he was a consultant to a number of Russian academic and political bodies, including the Duma (parliament), in their efforts to implement a more equitable transition to a market economy.


£17.95 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Important and timely book
This is a wonderful book, that helped me see that much of the world's warfare and social deprivation is caused by the predator culture, i.e., charging people to use the earth that Nature has given us.
This book takes the lid off the main cause of poverty and inequality in society. We do not normally consider the 'land question' and this book spells it out clearly and concisely. With the coalition considering new ways of taxing us, it would be useful if the Chancellor got hold of this book now!
Fred Harrison's latest book adds additional depth and historical perspective to his prior works. He has adeptly analyzed the fundamental causes of the conflicts that plague societies and humanity generally.
Private ownership of land is the issue. Resolved by introducing an annual land value tax to enable reductions in taxes on labour and enterprise. This will significantly reduce inequalities, tackle endemic boom and bust and provide revenue for public works.
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