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Stranger on the Shore
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Stranger on the Shore

By John Symons
ISBN 9780856832642
Summer 2010


Tracing the life of the author’s father, this vivid memoir follows him through childhood in the west of England, his successful 25-year career in the Indian Army before independence in 1947, and his final years in Devonshire, where he raised a family while Huntington’s disease gradually set in.  Many families will benefit from reading this touching story.

Author's Biography

John Symons spent the first two years of his life in India and the next sixteen in Cornwall and Devonshire. Educated at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London, he worked as an executive and life coach, and as an adjudicator in management and staff disputes. He lives in East Sussex.


 â€˜Despite the underlying tragedy this is an uplifting book and an absorbing read, It is beautifully written’   Margaret Perry in Cross Keys

 â€˜Huntington’s is a disease of families as well as those who die of it ... a beautiful memoir to a man devoted to his family’
 Western Morning News 

‘Full of humanity and the valour of the human spirit, telling a tragic story with no self-pity … You feel that you are there and connect the story with the experience of loss in your own life’                                     
Prof. Heather Skirton, NHS consultant

‘The writer is a consummate artist in style, with a poet’s eye for detail. The story is exceptionally vivid … expressing deep faith and perception of the meaning of life, moving to tears, and sear’
C.F.D. Moule, professor emeritus, theology, Cambridge

Price £12.95 Paperback

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