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Return of the Raven
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Return of the Raven

Subtitle A Badbury Tale
By Philip Elston
Published by MPress Books Ltd.
ISBN 978-095518868-8
Summer 2010


What if King Arthur were to awaken and slip silently into twenty-first century Britain, concerned still for good to conquer evil – would you believe it? Most great leaps forward in our history take place when people ask the “What if?” question and find the answer. King Arthur, wakened by a potholer retrieved Excalibur, gathered his knights and then roused Britain from gloom and recession. Once more chivalry was set above self-interest as people rallied to a cause greater than themselves. Refusing to be divided by class or colour, they search for the Holy Grail. Return of the Raven is part of Philip Elston’s “Badbury Tale” series.

Author's Biography

After ten years in the Royal Navy, Philip Elston read theology at King’s College London, where he also nurtured a keen interest in medieval history. Post ordination, he taught at secondary school level in Malawi and Surrey and later at a further education college in Leeds. His published work covers Central African and Commonwealth Studies, English Social History and a practical approach to personal issues with young people in mind. He has five grown-up children and lives with his wife near Salisbury in Wiltshire.


£5.99 Paperback

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