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By Tony Bianchi
Published by Alcemi
ISBN 978-0-9555272-8-9
Summer 2010


Nicky gets called a fat slag but fancies Barry. Frank has an unhealthy interest in his old school adversary. Wartime and his son’s overdue visit preoccupy Tom at the care home. A novel of suspense and richly-distinctive voices, set on contemporary Tyneside.

Author's Biography

Tony Bianchi grew up in North Shields.


“Reveals an amazing eye for detail. His portrayals of old Tom and teenagers Barry and Nicky... are classics.” Morning Star “A wise and tender portrait of ordinary lives slipping slowly out of kilter with the brave new world around them. John Williams, author of Cardiff Dead and Malcolm X” Price £9.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Heard the author discuss and read from the book at the Hay festical last week - brilliant!
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