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Tortoise vs Hare
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Tortoise vs Hare

Subtitle :::::: WINNER MARCH 2010 ::::::::::
By Preston Rutt
Category Picture Book 4-6 years old
March 2010


This hilarious play on the well-known fable is an ideal read-aloud book. Discover who wins this time through the voice of commentator Jonny Fox. Sure-fire fun for sports fans everywhere! Illustrated by the wacky and celebrated artist, Ben Redlich, of ‘Who Flung Dung?’ and ‘Cheeky Charlie!’ fame.

Author's Biography

Ever since he first held a crayon, Preston Rutt has loved writing. He started by writing all over the wallpaper and took things from there. 30 years, three schools, one university and six advertising agencies, later, Preston loves writing more than ever; living in Kew with his writer wife, and son Archie.


"This zany version of the classic fable brings it bang up to date. It is aimed at a younger audience and has wacky characters, humorous illustrations and a great new twist"

"Rutt's words are eloquent, while still simple, and he uses repetition, within a changing style and pace, very fluidly. The illustrations match the story very well. A great night-time read"

"A hilarious, thrilling and wonderful look at the rematch between the tortoise and the hare. It's got all the energy of a Bugs Bunny cartoon, transferred perfectly to a picture book. Highly recommended"


"A completely brilliant, zany and laugh-out-loud take on the age-old story of the hare and the tortoise but with a twist. With wacky characters and humorous illustrations it will delight parents and children alike"

£10.99 (hbk) £5.99 (pbk)

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Reader Comments

Preston the bard!
One for the Cambridge Study Group!
A wonderful read - highly recommended.
Preston scores again!!
Top of the list for my godchildren's birthday presents this year - thanks Mr Rutt
Great for sports mad kids and parents to read together
Loved it
Really funny book. My son loves it.
Love it!
An hilarious take on an old classic. Thank you. I am already waiting for the next.
Preston, you have made the story yours!
Well done Preston - once again you haven't disappointed!
excellent yarn
Excellant! Well done Preston!
A beautiful read and really enjoyed the experience as much as my kids. Can't wait to read the next one!
Awesome illustrations! We have a few books illustrated by Ben Redlich, my Kids love his work!
Better and Better!
Very, very good!
Fantastic book from Preston Rutt. Could not put it down, a real eye pleasing and great read for all. JM
excellent book - grandchildren love it
A great read combined with glorious illistrations
Had my daughter in hysteric's again and again!Awesome
The grandchildren love it - Brilliant work Preston Rutt
Superb we can do with a series a great bedtime read for young & old Highly recommended
Another winner from Preston Rutt!
Starts slowly but finishes like an express train! Geddit!
Very funny book.
Preston is an incredibly talented storyteller and really understands how to keep a childs and parents attention with clever, entertaining and thoughtful stories. I am a huge fan of his books and so are my nieces and nephews. Paula Davie
Fantastic book, would recommend it without hesitation.
Loved it and so did the kids !
Preston Rutt's first book was a delight but this new one excels. The grand children thoroughly enjoy the story and the super illustrations. As one of them owns a tortoise they can really relate to the tale. Kate
Another Gem; well done Mr Rutt!
great present for my two great nephews Finlay and Reece and good for the adults who are reading it too! great auntie diane
its a goodie, and will be a favourite for the children's bed time read. Rutt's writing must go on.......!
Fantastic illustrations and great colour
One never tires of reading a classic again and again.
Brilliant - as ever!
Well done Preston - keep up the good work!
Awesomely outrageous book! Beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated. AWESOME!
for children 3 to 93 and older if the eyes are still up to it.
My grandson loved this book and the earlier one.
This is ace. Get it!
Roger Hargreaves has nothing on this man. Fantastic book.
Think this is for slightly older children than Rutt's first book. Love it though.
Love this book!!
Funny book. "I'm good. Just too good for the wood. I'm gonna make Tortoise look like Christmas pud." ROFL
This book is set to be a classic.
This book had me and my ds in stitches. So funny.
Awesome for kids. Get involved!
Just awesome.
Lovely twist on an old classic
Great fun - my daughters loved it!
A fantastic book. My daughter loves it.
This is the Ulysees of children's books. A veritable smorgasbord of fun and laughs galore. In this 'race' Rutt must come first! People of Britain - VOTE RUTT!
The best children's book I have read in years. Brilliant.
Lovely book, lovely illustrations. Buy this!
I luv this book
Absolutely fantastic, better for first thing in the morning than a quiet bed time read, as bound to get your children enthused and jumping around in no time. Make sure you've had your coffee before reading this!
The children love it. Well written and beautifully illustrated.
Wonderful Book.
Excellent book, and a thoroughly enjoyable read!
Rutt has come up with a beauty!
simply fabulous. Lavinia and Steve (Leni and Lucas's parents)
Quirky illustrations. Funny words. Great retelling of the classic Tortoise and Hare fable.
My kids love this book! A great twist on a classic tale.
Another fantastic read from Preston Rutt. The children at my playgroup love it with loud laughs all round. Thank you.
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