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Windows on the Moon [Dec]
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Windows on the Moon [Dec]

By Alan Brownjohn
Published by Black Spring Press
Category Historical
December 2009


London, 1947. No sense of victory, but just the beginnings of hope for the future. Maureen works in a café…her son sees his chance of escape from this parents’ humdrum life…Frenchman Pierre-Henri lies low, aware that the past may catch up with him, and with a bag packed just in case...

Author's Biography

Alan Brownjohn is author of three previous novels. The Way You Tell Them won the Authors’ Club prize for most promising debut novel, 1990. The Long Shadows, 1997, was chosen by Jonathan Coe as a book of the year in the New Statesman. He is also a leading poet.


‘Wise, witty and steadfast, Alan Brownjohn is one of the most reliably enjoyable of writers.’
Margaret Drabble

‘An extraordinarily intimate, pitch-perfect recreation of not only the very taste and smell of austerity Britain but the whole sensibility of an era.’
David Kynaston, author of Austerity Britain

‘Without resort to impasto period colour Alan Brownjohn evokes…lower-middle-class suburban southeast London…of 1946–7…The insular, timid post-war world he conjures is engrossing…delicately etched.
Jonathan Meades

£15   Hardcover

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