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Sarabande [Dec]
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Sarabande [Dec]

By Marcus Fedder
ISBN 978-1-903660-03-4
Category Romance
December 2009


Author's Biography

Marcus Fedder studied at the FU Berlin, LSE and Cambridge. As well as writing he is a partner in a hedge fund and previously worked for investment banks, the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. His interest in Sarajevo was kindled during work travel there.



“poignant…sad…evocative, moving and well written. It sums up so well…the experiences
of our many Bosnian friends who suffered so much in the war.”
Lord Ashdown, former High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina

“powerfully compelling…great passion and feeling”
Gillian Stern, The Literary Consultancy

£7.99   paperback

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