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The President [Dec]
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The President [Dec]

By John Stewart
ISBN 978 0 85683 261 1
Category Fantasy
December 2009


The US President has an epiphany and walks out of the White House unseen. The staff panic. He is discovered sitting calmly under the Lincoln Memorial. The media raise questions, but he fires back with questions challenging the status quo and runs for re-election with a new and inspiring programme

Author's Biography

John Stewart was born in Northern Ireland but later moved to London. He has had three historical novels published, The Centurion, The Last Romans and Marsilio. Two biographies have also been published, A Promise Kept and Standing for Justice, the latter providing inspiration for this political novel.


‘...on one level, a tale of the “good man” in politics: in the vein of Being There or Good as Gold ...on another a novel of ideas’                             The Compulsive Reader

‘... an insightful political thriller ...Imagine The West Wing penned by Graham Greene and you’d be pretty close’                                                                      The Guardian online

£7.95    Paperback

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